My EVS experience in France and at Tambour Battant

In the country with charm, with wine and cheese. I think there is not question anymore, why France ? I was really exited in France and know I am sure, France is so awesome, how I was thinking.
I have been here almost 6 months, and I will go back to Latvia in 3 weeks. O ! yes I am from Latvia, from the small country in north of Europe. Before coming I was really interested in France, and I am really glad I had this opportunity to come as an EVS volunteer.
I am very happy about these 6 months which I spend in Alsace. I could discover two countries in the same time : France and Germany. Isn’t it great ?!
In these 6 months we got a lot of fun, because with Tambour Battant we organised 3 Youth Exchanges, it was a good experience and we met a lot of nice people from different countries. I am happy, I had chance to meet so much nice people. And one of the best things I have new friends for all my life from Italy, Spain, Romania, Morocco and France. And I am sure we will meet each other, but the next time in another country.
And in the end, I would like to say big thank you Tambour Battant , because from this EVS I got a lot of experience (work experience, life experience) and a lot of memories.

I am thankful for these 6 months. Thank you Tambour Battant, thank you France, Thank you European Commission.