De Bali à l’Alsace, une expérience de volontariat international

<sjcycle134|right>My Name is Ronald and I am from Indonesia.

I never imagined that i would be going to Europe , until my sending organization ‘Act Global’ told me that i have an opportunity to live in France for 3 months. And i was so gratefull i could be one of the international volunteer in my hosting organization ‘Tambour Battant’.

I learned so many things here and i think it was one of great decisions that i made in my life. I helped Tambour Battant to maintain their social media and website, did some administrative task, and organized their upcoming Youth Exchange event. And i also had opportunity to participate in Global village 2015 to introduce my culture to french people in Strassburg, and a workshop in Linchestein. Beside that Me and my fellow volunteer from Costa Rica also had an opportunity to create our personal project : gender equality exhibition in Strassburg. It was a great experience to work in international community with other volunteer from different countries.

Not only get new working skills, i also experienced and learned so many cultures . i learned french culture and their language. And i also learned about some cultures from other countries through my other international volunteers. This experience also gave me opportunity to visit and experience the culture of some countries around France.

This experience was very useful for my self-development. I hope I can do more of this kind of program in the future.